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March 04, 2009


The Subtle Rudder

Congrats! Wish I could be there tonight!!!


Congratulations, Christina!

You are going to be wonderful. And, sometimes -- most of the time, actually -- tears are a very okay thing!

I'll be sending you good energy from Denver.

Charles Baldwin

Go Edith!


Anne Glazer

Well, congratulations! What an amazing coincidence that I found you online on this day! I was just following the trail of friends on Facebook.

Looking forward to being back in touch -



It was SO wonderful to see you at your launch party Tina Darling! I am so very proud of you! I had a huge shit eating grin on my face the entire time and almost all the way home...going back across the bridge I was like.."my gawd my jaw kinda hurts....oh I'm still smiling"!

Beverly Anderson Forbes

Christina, I met you at your reading at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle when I introduced myself as Freya, my chosen Icelandic name.

I've just finished your book and was completely enthralled by it. I read it in one day and will read it again. It brought back so many memories of my Icelandic childhood, the language, the stories Amma told, the food which I try to replicate for my "honorary Icelandic friends here in Seattle," my trips to Iceland, and much more. I'm going to buy a copy for my sisters who will find it equally engaging I'm sure.

What an exceptional writer you are. Your descriptions are so engaging and the story is amazing.

I thank you for helping to keep our Icelandic heritage alive.

Bless. Freya

Premium Max

this is the perfect gift for your mom! Do not worry, she sees you and proud! good luck!)

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