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February 09, 2009


Holly Minor

Dear Christina,
I just finished reading (in two days - couldn't put it down!)The Tricking of Freya, after finding it on the "new books" shelf in a small library in Vallejo. What a wonderful novel and story. I enjoyed it immensely. Two of the reasons I selected it to read, besides the irresistible description on the inside jacket, were 1) it described it as your debut novel and an author's debut novel always excites me; and 2) because it was published by St. Martin's Press - probably my most favorite publisher; it's one I know I can always trust to have high quality books to read. And once again they didn't let me down.

You've a lot to be proud of. I really liked how you did a lot of explaining what the Icelandic words meant. Thanks for persevering through the years (however many it took) to get your book done. It was certainly worth the wait. Good job and best wishes for many more books to come.

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