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January 29, 2009



I love your book so far. I can't put it down. I love writing and have had sucess writing short stories but also have repetitive stress injuries from my work in arms, wrist, and hand. I don't think I could ever use voice recognition software.

I had a few false starts with novels but still dream of writng one.


Bill, thank you so so much for the feedback about my book.

Your experience sounds so similar to mine: success writing short stories, but dreaming of writing a novel (I'm going to do a post on that soon).

And the repetitive stress injuries. Mine are flaring up for the first time in years, because I am on the computer around the clock now, between my full time job and things related to the book launch.

Voice recognition software has improved hugely since I first tried it - if you're interested, email me at info at christinasunley dot com.

Do keep posting and let me know when you finish The Tricking of Freya...



Hi Christine,

I love that name. (Same as my daughters) Still loving the book! Did you have any exceptional sucess writing short stories that gave you the confidence to write the novel. I have acceptances in really good journals. Some as recent as a few week's ago but still lack confidence. I keep thinking if I won a reward or had a major acceptance that would help so much. The rejections set me back further then the acceptances push me forward.
Thank you, Bill



Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us out there who dream of some day completing that ever elusive first novel.

much love,

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