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January 27, 2009



Christina, I'm so excited to follow along on your journey and thrilled that you have chosen to share it with us!

Thank you for teaching us what it took you 8 years to learn!


Looking forward to seeing what and first hand!


You are very brave for sharing both the joys and the angst of this first published novel with us. I know it will be an inspiration for us creative types who want proof that dreams can come true...All the best for a successful launch of Freya!

The Subtle Rudder

I'll be along for the ride...I remember talking novels in Petaluma in what may have been the NINETIES (oh, lord...), and checking in every so often since then for the latest in the saga. So glad to have a place to come for the entire unfolding story...I'm proud of you!

Wendy Nelson Tokunaga

Christina, looking forward to hearing more of your confessions, and can't wait to read "Freya!"


I am currently reading a proof of your book. Wow!It is remarkable. I love it!
I will be following the blog as I am a short story writer with the dream of writing a novel.


Bill, I am so happy you are enjoying my book! This is my first experience with people I don't know reading it, so it's really thrilling to hear about.

I wish you the best with your short story writing and hope you'll pursue your dreams of writing a novel when the time is right.

Thanks again,



Xtina Darling,
Wow I feel such wonderful emotions welling up inside of myself! I'm honored that you are including everyone in a blog to share your experience with all of us! Seems like such a long time ago (late 80's)when you shared some of your short stories with me and talked about writing your first novel and I remember thinking "wow...this girl is really REALLY good...a big fleshed out novel is going to be unreal"! I am so proud of you and your accomplishments! I can't wait to read your book and keep up with the blog as well.


Christina, the images of frozen oceans at the top of your blog space reminded me of our brief email exchange. I said weather can't be 'worse', but after I pressed 'send', I remembered that your experiences have been different from mine, up here in cozy Buffalo, NY. Please do tell, what weather is 'worse'?

To sunny skies for Sunley,


Hi Christina!
Greetings from the Eastern coast and the Island that is Long!
Kudos to you on this great accomplishment! I can't imagine the work and heart that you must have put into it over the eight years. I've been in sore need of a good novel and I am anxiously awaiting it's debut!

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